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It is not always easy to work out the shape and size signet ring you would like to wear.
We suggest you determine first the finger you would like to wear it on and then decide which shape you prefer.  Print the pdf out at 100% and then cut out the ring shape and size you think might look best.  Experiment with the others on the page if you are not sure.  You can always contact us for an appointment in order to try on some so you are absolutely certain!

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Determining your RING SIZE

These days a signet ring can be worn on any finger.  Traditionally the right hand is favoured, leaving the left hand free for a wedding band. 

Finding the correct finger size for your ring order is extremely important.

We regrettably cannot accept any responsibility for a mis-ordered size ring. 

There are a number of ways to ensure you have correctly sized your finger and we have listed them below.

This plastic multi sizer ring gauge is ideal for self finger sizing.  Each gauge is packaged individually in an instruction envelope.  The multi sizer works like a belt, forming a ring and then placing over the finger, adjust to give a comfortable fit.  Then read off the indicated size to determine your finger size.

Face Shapes and Sizes: About
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